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This report is co-created by the HealthXL 'Digital Health in Oncology' community through a series of meetings in 2021 and 2022.

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  • Evidence and outcomes
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  • Adoption

And key takeaways from our team and members on the current oncology landscape.

An exploration of oncology issues and opportunities - from those working within the industry

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Digital Health in Oncology

What you can expect in your free community insights report in oncology:

PDT pricing structure

What are PDTs priced-like and which indications and clinical areas are they ready to make a mark in? Find out the market value.

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APRIL 2022

Andrew Norden
Chief Medical Officer, OncoHealth 

Lynda Chin
Founder and CEO, Apricity

Cristina Ortega Duran

Rayna Patel
CEO and Co-Founder, Vine Health

About the Digital Health in Oncology Community

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As part of this community, you can connect to a network of your peers, join meetings and gain insights to help answer the most pressing questions in this field. The agenda for the community is set by the Advisory Board, an expert group providing strategic guidance on what the community should focus on and ensuring that our meetings are on point and valuable for every member. Complementing this are our Thought Leaders, a group of esteemed individuals at the forefront of our network that lead and anchor our conversations. 

Meet the rest of the community


Andrew Norden
Andrew Norden
Andrew Norden


Carole Tremonti
Andrew Norden
Andrew Norden
Andrew Norden

Carole Tremonti
VP Clinical Strategy,
Project Ronin 

Kellee Franklin 
Cambia Grove, Innovation Advisory Board Member; Mindful Innovation Labs, Founder, Mindful Innovation Labs 

Gandolf Finke
Fosanis GmbH

Eoin Tabb
Chief 2 Pharmacist (Cancer Services), HSE

Lahiru Russell
Chief Scientist & co-founder, Digital Mind Technology 

Myles Furnace
Commercial VP,
Closed Loop Medicine 

Susan Bratton
Savor Health