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Chief Digital Officer, Almirall

Francesca Wuttke

“Honestly I haven’t found such a complete review of the space.”

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In 2018, we released our first report on Digital Therapeutics (DTx), aiming to get behind the hype and dig into the DTx landscape, business models, regulation, reimbursement, evidence, and adoption. 

In the past two years, a lot has happened. A wide variety of companies have co-opted the term “digital therapeutics” to describe their digital health offerings. This report seeks to cut through some of that noise by focusing on a smaller subset of this group: prescription digital therapeutics (PDT).

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“Honestly I haven’t found such a complete review of the space.”

Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer, Almirall

Prescription products are the core of Digital Therapeutics. Find out why.

You can only become successful as a digital health business if you understand your role in DTx. Learn how.

Are doctors and patients accepting PDT? Discover real life acceptance.

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What you can expect in our full 50 page Prescription Digital Therapeutics report:

PDT pricing structure

What are PDTs priced-like and which indications and clinical areas are they ready to make a mark in? Find out the market value.

Tessy Huss

Head of Market Research

Chandana Fitzgerald, MD MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Created by digital health powerhouses

The HealthXL specialist advisory team and Brian Dolan, founder and lead writer of Exits and Outcomes came together to bring transparency into the future of Digital Therapeutics.

Meet the HealthXL specialist team

Meet Brian Dolan from Exits and Outcomes

Sophie Madden

Digital Health Strategy Manager

Digital Health Strategy Manager

Sarah Cronin, PhD

Kate O'Reilly, PhD

Senior Digital Health Consultant

Alette Ramos
Brinth, PhD

Senior Digital Health Consultant

Laura Ardill, PhD

Digital Health Consultant

E&O is a digital health research and media company led by Brian Dolan, who also founded MobiHealthNews back in 2008.

E&O offers 3 newsletters focused on funding, pharma, and employers; long-form research reports; and a growing library of mini-databases.

Brian Dolan

Founder and lead writer Exits and Outcomes

Our full report contains key examples of PDT applications, industry implications and a critical viewpoint of the current reality of the DTx environment and those which must be addressed in order to truly deliver on the DTx promise in terms of optimized health outcomes.

Ready to get into the depths of prescription digital therapeutics?

The 2021 Prescription Digital Therapeutics report from HealthXL goes beyond a typical round-up report, offering in-depth analysis into business models and product pipelines as well as the regulatory, reimbursement and investment landscapes for PDTs. Giving invaluable insights as to where the space is heading, this is a must read for anyone with an interest in the future of digital health.”

Kal Patel, MD, MBA

CEO & Co-Founder, Brightinsight

  • PDT Basics
  • Investments in PDT
  • PDT Solutions Landscape
  • Commercialization & Business Models
  • Clinical and Economic Outcomes
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Reimbursement and Cost Coverage
  • Enablement and Adoption
  • Final Thoughts and Next Steps
  • Contributors

What you can expect to see in this report:

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Robert Garber, Partner, 7Wire Ventures

"HealthXL and Brian Dolan's Exits & Outcomes are BrightInsight's (and my personal) go-to for the latest in digital health and digital therapeutics."

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