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We want to make digital health accessible and digestible. We focus on what’s really important to get ahead of the market and jump into discussions with other senior leaders before it’s too late. Join our Community today.

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"I loved how it was a true coming together of mind resources and talents for the purpose of improving healthcare for people across the world. "

Kerry Burnight, Chief Gerontologist at GrandPad
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The future of Digital Therapeutics

Network with 120 senior leaders. Be an active participant. Tackle digital health challenges with peers. Join March 25, 2021.

Two communities, one event:

Digital Therapeutics

Clinical Trials Innovation

Craig Lipset
Advisor and Founder
Clinical Innovation Partners

Jin Lee
Director of Digital Health, Astellas

Robert Garber
Partner at 
7Wire Ventures

Early Bird Special

Save 50% until February 25th, 2021


March 25, 2021

11 am EDT



Our Community boasts over 1000 senior members in digital health. And growth is not slowing down. Be part of a supportive network of peers and make long-lasting, high-value relationships.


Weekly we offer a wide variety of small discussion groups that you can join. All groups are limited to 10 peers, representatives and leaders, allowing you to share insights, discuss developments and ask questions to make the most of your time.

News & Insights

We want to make digital health accessible and digestible. We focus on what’s really important to get ahead of the market and jump into discussions with other senior leaders before it’s too late.

HealthXL Interactive is just the first step of joining 1000+ peers in their digital health journey. When you join HealthXL Interactive, you become part of the community and get access to roundtable-like Meetings, daily curated digital health news and industry reports created by our in-house expert advisory team.

HealthXL Interactive is just the first step

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Karan Arora

Your day at HealthXL Interactive

11.00 am - 11.30 am EDT

HealthXL Interactive starts with Karan Arora from Astrazeneca at a fireside chat. 

He will discuss how he’s been driving innovation with a large pharmaceutical company, how to set up strong digital functions, measure robust KPIs and integrate digital into the core strategic functions of the business.

Fireside chat

Karan Arora, 
Chief Commercial Digital Officer at Astrazeneca

11.45 am - 12.45 pm EDT

In the past few years, a wide variety of companies have co-opted the term “digital therapeutics” to describe their digital health offerings.  How are digital therapeutics going to change the healthcare industry globally? Be part of the pioneers and leaders who are bringing digital treatments into mainstream medicine to prevent, manage or treat a condition. Explore what is propelling us or holding us back in making a greater impact.  

In these highly popular masterclass-like discussions, you learn and dissect the challenges around the adoption, regulation and commercialization of digital therapeutics. Because we only allow groups of up to 10 peers, we only have a limited number of seats available.

Digital Therapeutics Community

Ritesh Patel
Shwen Gwee
Sharon Baer

Sharon Baer
Director of Advanced Innovation. Philips

Ritesh Patel
Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy

Shwen Gwee
VP, Bristol-Myers-Squibb

In your Community:

Jin Lee

Jin Lee
Director of Digital Health, Astellas


Commercialization of DTx
Adoption and Cost Coverage
Evidence and Regulation

Ready to join HealthXL Interactive?

Ready to join HealthXL Interactive?

11.45 am - 12.45 pm EDT

Has digital made clinical trials cheaper and faster? Has digital enabled decentralized trials at scale? The use of new technology and analytics, alternative trial modalities such as virtual and hybrid trials, improved participant engagement, and cross-industry collaboration can enable clinical researchers to bring those therapies to the patients who need them. Join the catalysts of this industry to explore the current climate, and the future of innovation in trials. 

Our Clinical Trials Innovation community is the latest addition to the HealthXL network. Set up as masterclass-like discussions, you get to learn more about the challenges in incorporating clinical trial endpoints, the trial design of products and how to run a decentralized trial. Get your tickets now! With groups of only up to 10 peers, we can only offer a limited number of tickets.

Clinical Trial Innovation Community

Craig Lipset

Craig Lipset
Clinical Innovation Partners

In your Community:


Incorporating Digital Endpoints into a Clinical Trial
How to run a Decentralized Trial

Trial Design for Digital Health Products

We are different

With over 7 years of experience in facilitating meaningful connections between thought leaders, we know how difficult it is to meet the right people to solve complex digital health problems. We believe webinars and conferences are not the solution. That is why we built a community for people passionate about advancing healthcare with technology.

Why join our Digital Health Community

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12.45 am - 1.15 pm EDT

Meet your peers in 1:1 networking sessions. 

At the end of the day, our expert advisory team will introduce you to leaders that we think will be of interest to you. 


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Fireside chat

11 am EDT

Digital Therapeutics

11.45 am EDT

Clinical Trial Innovation

11.45 am EDT


12.45 pm EDT

Discuss with peers at HealthXL Interactive
Kerry Burnight

Jochen Hurlebaus
Head Digital Innovation, Roche Diagnostics

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A Community of 1000+ senior leaders

HealthXL allows people with a passion to advance healthcare with technology. But we offer much more than just a network of people: gather in monthly meetings and workgroups around topics you specialize in, log into one Hub to view your daily curated news, industry reports and shared insights and access a global network of thinkers, leaders and decision makers. 

HealthXL Interactive is just the first step in your digital health journey. Join us and pave the way into the future. 

Join the Clinical Trials Community

Francesca Wuttke
Chief Digital Officer, Almirall

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No hidden cameras

Doesn't take up your day

Focus on what is important: Discussing, learning and networking. We cut all the filler out of our event and just deliver on what's important. No more events and conferences lasting several days.

Peers are matched to you

Why join HealthXL Interactive?

Our meetings are not recording to allow for honest, open discussions. You a free to share your opinions, insights and learnings!

Our masterclass-style roundtable discussions are perfect for digital health leaders that want to become experts in a topic.

Each group is hand-selected by our in-house expert team to guarantee honest, engaging discussions with like-minded but different people to ensure you can explore all viewpoints.

Masterclass-style roundtables

"The format worked really well. I was on the fence as to whether it would work...but after months of covid working....people just slotted right into it. The group size, and mix of people, was just right."

"Thanks guys - that was a great event! Thrilled to see such inclusive, intelligent and even feisty discussion!"

Keith O'Neill  

HealthXL Interactive Attendee
and Community Member

Daniel Cross

Vice President, Digital,

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Get an exclusive report when you join HealthXL Interactive

Receive this exclusive Clinical Trials Innovation Insights Report when you join HealthXL Interactive.  The 14 page report was created in collaboration of industry thought leaders from the HealthXL Community.

Clinical Trials Innovation Insights Report

Digital Therapeutics Insights Report

Join HealthXL Interactive and receive this exclusive Digital Therapeutics Insights Report. The 17 page report was created in collaboration of industry thought leaders from the HealthXL Community.

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A new way of networking

HealthXL Interactive returns on March 25th, 2021. Last year over 100 thought leaders, innovators and decision makers met to network and challenge the status quo of digital health. In intimate groups of up to 10 people, participants discussed, shared and learned to tackle the future of digital health.

At HealthXL Interactive, you are not a passive, voiceless spectator. You are an active participant, tackling the most recent digital health challenges with peers at your roundtable. You share experiences, listen to others’ insights and make long lasting connections. Be part of a new way to meet and learn virtually. 

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Become part of a global digital health community. HealthXL allows you to connect with senior leaders through regular meetings, discussions groups and shared content. Join HealthXL Interactive today to start networking.

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