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To Market

About This Report

While significant advancements have been made in the field of digital therapeutics over the last number of years, implementing a successful go-to-market strategy remains a key challenge. We see a lot of trial and error, and migration between commercialisation pathways. There is no silver bullet, yet.

The Challenge

Our Goal

In this report we examine potential routes-to-market for digital therapeutics and provide our insights on how we believe each of these avenues will likely develop, which one you should choose, when and why. The report is peppered with inputs from the HealthXL DTx community too.
The routes to market for digital therapeutics that are covered in this report include direct-to-consumer, pharma partnerships and also launch via employers.

Why Now?

2018: The industry was only just familiarising itself with these novel solutions and we launched our first industry report exploring what exactly a digital therapeutic is.

2021: We started to see a unique opportunity emerge within this space for prescription digital therapeutics (PDT), and we released our second report in this series exploring PDTs in detail.

Now, the time has come to understand how exactly all of this translates into commercially viable businesses.

The digital therapeutics market is evolving rapidly.

What digital health leaders say

“The HealthXL Digital Therapeutics: Routes to Market Report is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the many ways in which DTx are reaching the end-user. The report gives a comprehensive overview of the main market entry routes while also offering insight and perspective on which are best suited to prospective solutions based on a variety of factors.”

Robert Garber, Partner, 7Wire Ventures

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Current Approaches to Commercialisation

 Routes to Market 1: The Employer

Routes to Market 2: Pharma

 Routes to Market 3: Direct to Consumer

Routes to Market 4: Alternative Options

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